12 Sheet Masks Better Than a Halloween Costume

Sheet masks are wonderful for a lot of reasons. Their supercharged formulas make your skin feel like it just got facial, in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost. Perhaps the only thing they don’t have going for them? Their disarmingly Jason-like appearance. That’s where novelty sheet masks come in.

Now, instead of resembling a serial killer as you give your skin some TLC, you can bedeck your visage with anything from a masquerade mask to your favorite cartoon character’s face. Heck, some of the animal sheet masks on this list could work better than a standard Halloween costume. After all, they spare you the irritation that can come with traditional face paint, leaving you with dewy, glowy skin instead.

Ready to take your sheet mask game to the next level? Read on for some of the best novelty sheet masks around.

Berrisom Animal Mask Multi Set, $17.90 for 7

Berrisom Animal Mask Multi Set, $17.90 for 7 With this sheet mask pack, you can treat your skincare woes while pretending like you’re your favorite zoo animal. Each set comes with seven different animal sheet masks: a sheep, a red panda, a regular panda, a tiger, a dog, a monkey and a cat. Even better? Each animal targets a different skincare need, covering everything from brightening to hydration.

Holika Holika Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet Whitening Seal, $6.90

Holika Holika Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet Whitening Seal, $6.90 Is anything cuter than a baby seal? (Answer: a resounding no.) Holika Holika’s detailed seal rendition (its freckle-like markings and long whiskers are spot on) helps to brighten skin and minimize dark spots. Not too shabby for something this adorable, right?

Mediheal Dress Code Mask Pack, $4

Mediheal Dress Code Mask Pack, $4 If your aesthetic is a little less tiger stripes and a little more ball gown, Mediheal’s got you covered with elegant masquerade-themed sheet masks. Choose from four colors (violet, black, blue and red), each of which zeros in on a different skin benefit (an all-around tone-up, moisture, brightening and anti-aging, respectively). Why not indulge in some glamour while you treat your skin right?


Professional Shampoo Trick Will Transform the Condition of Your Hair

From Good Housekeeping

When it comes to the condition of your hair, it’s easy to panic and slather every hair product under the sun on to your locks. But the answer to fixing the condition of your hair may be as simple as changing the shampoo you’re using.

From the root to the tip of your hair strand, the texture can differ and so, it’s important to make sure your products caters to the whole hair strand. Celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin revealed that her top trick is to use two different shampoos, both catered to treating different textures. “One thing I always tell people to do is use two different types of shampoo. Because the hair at your scalp is different to the hair on the ends, especially if you have long hair,” she explains.

Most commonly, people may find that their roots are either oily or flat, while the ends of the hair can be dry and rough. “In this case, use a volumizing shampoo in the roots and then grab a repair or smooth shampoo for the bottom to hydrate the hair. It makes such a huge difference,” Atkin says.

And that’s not all, she adds that as your hair’s texture improves, you’ll find that your blow out will even last longer. Double win! Who knew the secret was simply adding an additional shampoo to your shower routine?

Be right back… we’re just heading to the store.

M.A.C Cosmetics outs limited-edition makeup collection inspired by Helmut Newton

(Photo: Courtesy of M.A.C)

Beauty brand M.A.C. is paying tribute to photography legend Helmut Newton with a limited-edition fall/winter 2016 makeup collection. This retro and refined line lands with a slightly provocative twist and is available to buy in stores and online at www.maccosmetics.com.

Known for his work as a fashion photographer — particularly for Vogue and Vanity Fair — as well as his female nudes, Helmut Newton photographed many powerful and sensual women, such as Grace Jones, Kate Moss, Catherine Deneuve and Monica Bellucci.

Helmut Newton’s work is now being celebrated in a makeup collection with a retro vibe, directly inspired by the elegance, glamour and sensuality of his photos. The range also nods to the erotic nature of certain nude portraits with passionate shades of red.

The resulting products channel retro inspirations, both in their design and in the selected shades, topped off with a slight hint of provocation. Naturally, the ultimate beauty look is still a satiny red lip with a smoky eye for full-on femme fatale glam.

The collection features an eyeshadow quad palette called Point ‘n’ Shoot with ivory, gray, satin brown and black shades, plus Upward Lash mascara in black, Eye Liner Liquid in black, three shades of Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour and three “M.A.C Studio” nail polishes, inspired by Monte Carlo and Berlin, where Helmut Newton lived.

This limited-edition makeup collection is available in stores and online.

What YOUR Power Look Looks Like

Everyone has one outfit that makes them feel their best. It’s the reliable ensemble you go to for a job interview, important meeting, big date, or any other moment in life that requires just an extra kick of confidence. To prove this point, Yahoo Style asked Polyvore users to show us their #PowerLook. Check back here as we highlight the best sets.


POWER LOOK by nanawidia featuring ALDO

nanawidia‘s #PowerLook includes …   Velvet Pop Black Plus Size Long line fine knit cardigan, $61, Joanne Lace Panel Top, $25; River Island RI Plus pink checked belted mini skirt, $64, Flowy Trench, $120; Pre-owned Christian Louboutin Gaetanina 100 Ankle Size 37 Black Boots, $925; Aldo Southeast Satchel, $50; Guerlain Ecrin 5-Color Eyeshadow Palette, Fall Color Collection, $69

What do you get when you combine perfect style with perfect fit? Perfect confidence — and an outfit that’s your #PowerLook. Find yours with Yahoo Style’s complete guide to fashion that makes you feel invincible, and post your #PowerLook to be featured on our feed!

For the Second Fall Season in a Row, Rachel Zoe Styles New UGG Lookbook – Capturing the quintessential California girl, laidback looks are grounded in new Classic Boot styles


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–When Rachel Zoe makes a style statement, fashion aficionados take notice. The famed designer, stylist and editor has once again partnered with UGG®, a division of Deckers Brands (NYSE:DECK), to curate a lookbook that features the brand’s new assortment of fall Classic boots.

@RachelZoe is at it again, styling the @UGG Classic Boot for the sartorial LA woman.

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Designed to give UGG® fans a dose of fresh inspiration, the lookbook showcases the versatile ways in which UGG® can be worked into everyday ensembles, from beach to street and beyond. With looks that tie back to the brand’s coastal roots in Southern California, Zoe’s inspiration was drawn from channeling four distinct personas that evoke the effortlessly cool-vibe of the LA girl: the bohemian beauty, classic sophisticate, naturally sun-kissed surfer girl, and ever-confident tomboy.

For access to lookbook images and video please use this link.

“My inspiration for this shoot was drawn from so many of the women I see around me — these incredible, very modern, California women. Girls that aren’t trying too hard but have this amazing effortlessness about them,” Zoe shared. “The thing about UGG is there are a lot of styles that people don’t know about. Consumers think of only the Classic (boot), but there’s so much more that they offer. There’s something for everybody.”

Shot in Venice Beach, California and produced by Wednesday Agency, the fall lookbook features the convertible Classic Cuff, sleek Classic Slim, ultra-refined Classic Luxe, and a contemporary combat boot inspired style from the new Classic Street Collection. Paired with everything from leather leggings to distressed denim cutoffs and silk bomber jackets, each feel-good closet staple is seamlessly worked into everyday ensembles for the ultimate in effortless luxury.

As a longtime brand loyalist, Zoe gushed, “That’s what I love about UGG. You can live in UGG day to night — wear them at home, wear them out and in whatever setting you will still look incredibly stylish.”

Available at UGG® concept stores worldwide, online at UGG.com and at select wholesale partners, new Classic Boot styles retail between $150 – $315.

About UGG®

Founded in 1978 in California, UGG® is a division of Deckers Brands based in Goleta, California. The brand has built a reputation on luxury and comfort by using only the finest materials in the world, employing the highest standards of craftsmanship, and delivering new and innovative styles.

Why you need to rethink your view on Uggs

Cast your mind back to 2002 and, chances are, the predominant image that will pop into your mind is the UGG boot, otherwise known as the shoe version of a hangover.

It was a boot that gloried in being ugly, that left us all walking on the ankles, went soggy the second it rained and never recovered, but was so comfortable, we forgave it all those sins and determinedly carried on wearing them anyway (sometimes with mini skirts, which made absolutely no sense).

Well, that boot is back.

Last week, Alexa Chung announced her collaboration with the brand and, with that, sealed what the fashion world has been attempting to do for a good year now: she made UGGs viable again.


Besides, the return of the UGG is about more than just the boot itself anyway; it marks a bigger fashion movement that is going on this season: to bring back functional and wearable clothing that you might actually welcome putting on when you peel yourself out of bed in the morning.

See also the oversized everything, down-filled puffer jackets and sleeves so long they finish a good foot after your fingers do.

Casual observers could point out all these clothes can be hideously ugly too and that maybe that’s the real movement the UGG is a part of, but let’s ignore those dissenting voices and focus instead on the perks: fashion is being kind to us and giving us trends we actually want to wear, for once, and that’s something to be grateful for.

And if your heart still remains cold and unmoved, then consider this: Alexa Chung wears them now and since when has anyone needed any other reason to wear anything?

If you’re really being honest, did you ever stop wearing them in the first place?

All hail the return of the UGG boot.

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Buyer Beware: How to Spot, Avoid Counterfeit UGG Boots This Holiday Shopping Season


A hot search term each holiday shopping season is “UGG Deals.” As the weather gets worse and teenagers write their letters to Santa, shoppers get desperate for a discount on the fuzzy and pricey footwear.

But I found those searches can lead to counterfeiters who sell boots that the real UGG manufacturer says are made of inferior leather, synthetic lining and adhesive chemicals that aren’t found in the authentic boots.

I searched “Discounted UGGs” and found hundreds of sites offering what they said were authentic UGG boots, including eBay and AliExpress.com. I ordered 7 pairs. Only 4 of the retailers actually charged my credit card and shipped the boots to me. 3 were mailed from China, including the pair from AliExpress. The 4th came from an eBay seller in California. The boots ranged in price from $100 – $190 with shipping. The cheapest boots were discounted 50 percent and the boots purchased on eBay were discounted 20 percent.

Fake Luxury Goods: How To Spot

I took the boots to UGG headquarters in Santa Barbara, California. The company is well aware of the counterfeit problem, and say they have taken legal action against 60,000 websites selling counterfeit products. Leah Evert-Burks, the company’s director of Brand Protection, inspected them all. She said three of the four pairs were counterfeit, including all of the pairs shipped from China. Leah said that only the eBay pair was authentic.

Evert-Burks pointed out that the fakes used pig or cow skin instead of sheepskin. She showed how the synthetic polymer lining of the boot pulled away from the leather. “Real UGG boots are made from one piece of sheep hide that isn’t glued or stitched together,” Evert-Burks said. She showed how the fake fleece pulled out and poked through the seams. She flexed the soles of the boots and showed how much stiffer they were than authentic UGG boots. A dead giveaway on one of the boots was the Ugg logo on the sole of the shoe that had “Australia” spelled incorrectly.

When I tried the boots on, there were noticeable differences too. The toe-box of the counterfeit UGGs pressed down on my toes and pinched them. Evert-Burks explained: “They don’t use a foot form to sew each piece–it’s thrown together without the craftsmanship we put into the process.” Also the synthetic fiber in the counterfeit boots made my feet sweat. When I wore the authentic UGG boots, my feet came out of the shoes dry.

“We get lots of calls from parents after Christmas saying they’ve got a teenager in tears, that counterfeit boots were unknowingly purchased and wrapped under the tree,” Evert-Burks said.

The company is trying to help consumers make informed choices and even try to recoup their money if they purchased counterfeit boots, she said. On their website they offer a tool to check whether an online site is an authorized retailer of UGG products. They also offer step-by-step instructions to submit a dispute claim with your credit card company to recoup the money spent on a counterfeit purchase.

AliExpress, a subsidiary of The Alibaba Group, is an international marketplace of third party sellers where we purchased one of the counterfeit pairs of boots. A spokesperson for Alibaba told us: “The Alibaba Group works hard to eliminate products from our various marketplaces that violate intellectual property laws. Our strict rules about conducting business on our marketplaces are designed to maintain the trust that we have with our customers. We continue to collaborate with intellectual property owners and sellers to remove products that violate our strict policies.”

Evert-Burks of UGG warns against all such marketplaces including eBay, where we bought authentic UGG boots: “Platforms such as eBay you just run your chances (of) getting counterfeit or genuine product.”

EBay told us it works hard to take down counterfeit listings and offers a money-back guarantee if an item is not as described, and that includes products that claim to be authentic but turn out to be fakes.

But let’s get back to the original issue–are there ever any sales on UGG boots? From my own research during the holidays last year I found that many department stores that rolled out store-wide coupons for 15% or 25% off excluded things like make-up, perfume and UGG boots. Evert-Burks says you will see clearances with authorized partners but it’s usually seasonal, meaning after the holidays and rolling into summer. UGG does have a sale page on its site and retailers like Nordstrom Rack and 6pm.com carry discounted UGG shoes, but the sale items are rarely the classic boots.