12 Sheet Masks Better Than a Halloween Costume

Sheet masks are wonderful for a lot of reasons. Their supercharged formulas make your skin feel like it just got facial, in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost. Perhaps the only thing they don’t have going for them? Their disarmingly Jason-like appearance. That’s where novelty sheet masks come in.

Now, instead of resembling a serial killer as you give your skin some TLC, you can bedeck your visage with anything from a masquerade mask to your favorite cartoon character’s face. Heck, some of the animal sheet masks on this list could work better than a standard Halloween costume. After all, they spare you the irritation that can come with traditional face paint, leaving you with dewy, glowy skin instead.

Ready to take your sheet mask game to the next level? Read on for some of the best novelty sheet masks around.

Berrisom Animal Mask Multi Set, $17.90 for 7

Berrisom Animal Mask Multi Set, $17.90 for 7 With this sheet mask pack, you can treat your skincare woes while pretending like you’re your favorite zoo animal. Each set comes with seven different animal sheet masks: a sheep, a red panda, a regular panda, a tiger, a dog, a monkey and a cat. Even better? Each animal targets a different skincare need, covering everything from brightening to hydration.

Holika Holika Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet Whitening Seal, $6.90

Holika Holika Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet Whitening Seal, $6.90 Is anything cuter than a baby seal? (Answer: a resounding no.) Holika Holika’s detailed seal rendition (its freckle-like markings and long whiskers are spot on) helps to brighten skin and minimize dark spots. Not too shabby for something this adorable, right?

Mediheal Dress Code Mask Pack, $4

Mediheal Dress Code Mask Pack, $4 If your aesthetic is a little less tiger stripes and a little more ball gown, Mediheal’s got you covered with elegant masquerade-themed sheet masks. Choose from four colors (violet, black, blue and red), each of which zeros in on a different skin benefit (an all-around tone-up, moisture, brightening and anti-aging, respectively). Why not indulge in some glamour while you treat your skin right?