26 Cute Short Haircuts That Aren’t Pixies

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When it comes to cute short haircuts, it can feel like pixies are your only option. That’s certainly not the case, though. Not all short cute haircuts require going full Mia Farrow with a gaminesque close-crop. No, it turns out there are so many other flattering ways to flaunt short hair, from layered shaggy bobs paired with long bangs, to ultra-hip undercuts.

Suffice it to say, you have options. You could always keep your new cute short haircut trendy by rocking a fun color trend like rose gold hair. Or you could mix things up by going for something asymmetrical for an extra of-the-moment bit of flair — or, on the flip side, you could go full-on retro. Really, the world is your oyster — so read on for the 26 best short haircuts that aren’t pixies.

Edgy Stacked Bob

Edgy Stacked Bob This stylishly mussed up short haircut strikes the perfect balance between a sassy pixie and an adorable bob. The result? A cute short haircut that’s equal parts edgy and aw-inspiring.

Soft Shag

Soft Shag Lucy Hale has long had one of the best short haircuts in Hollywood — the waviness of her bob gives it lots of youthful movement that’s ridiculously flattering.

Lavender Textured Bob

Lavender Textured Bob This cute short haircut combines two of today’s hottest hair trends — lavender hair and shaggy bobs — to a devastatingly adorable effect. Get us some peroxide, stat!

Wavy Pob

Wavy Pob We apologize for our use of the portmanteau of “pixie” and “bob,” but it just fits this kicky short haircut so perfectly. This stacked, textured look is at once forgiving and daring — in other words, an ideal choice for your next big hair change.

Purple Ombre With an Undercut

Purple Ombre With an Undercut Can you say “hair goals”? This next-level look has a lot going on — from the undercut to the deep amethyst roots — but somehow it all comes together to create quite the cute short haircut.

Laidback Bob

Laidback Bob Short haircuts can get a bad rap for being overly severe, but this sweet and romantic look definitely proves otherwise.

Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

Asymmetrical Wavy Bob Everything about this short, cute haircut epitomizes a young, carefree spirit, right? Asymmetrical looks can take some extra courage to attempt, but the cool-factor payoff makes it worth it.

Rose Gold Asymmetrical Undercut

Rose Gold Asymmetrical Undercut When it comes to this year’s biggest hair trend, this cute short haircut checks all the boxes. Rose gold? Check. Asymmetrical? Check. Side-striped undercut? Check.

Sporty Bob

Sporty Bob An avant-garde short haircut can be fun, but honestly? Often, a simple style hits the spot. Case in point: this no-nonsense bob. It’s unfussy and lets your face be the center of attention, while also adding an element of Parisian glam.

Ultra-Classic Retro Pageboy

Ultra-Classic Retro Pageboy Sometimes the most fashion-forward hairstyles come from the past. Take for example, this razor-sharp style, which calls silent film star Louise Brooks to mind. It’s simple, classic and consummately chic. In short, it’s the perfect way to take cute short haircuts from earlier eras and bring them into the new millennium.

Lavender A-Line Haircut

Lavender A-Line Haircut Here’s another classic look — with a pretty major twist. This cute short haircut takes the retro glamour of that iconic Nancy Kwan/Vidal Sassoon bob, and merges it with completely of-the-moment lavender locks.

Short Beach Waves

Short Beach Waves Usually, we tend to associate free-spirited boho beach waves with long, flowing locks, but this look proves that it’s possible for shorter haired ladies to get in on the popular je ne sais quoi-infused hair style.

Piecey Bob with Pink Balayage

Piecey Bob with Pink Balayage Hilary Duff’s been a hair icon since her days on “Lizzie McGuire,” and lately she’s been experimenting with various pastel shades, as well cropped locks. This pink balayage short haircut strikes the perfect balance between cutesy and edgy.

Voluminous Pixie-Bob

Voluminous Pixie-Bob Not quite ready to make the full pixie commitment? This voluminous and asymmetrical rock ‘n’ roll look is a little longer than your average close crop, yet still short and textured enough for that daring, devil-may-care glam.


25 Tips For Never Having a Bad Hair Day Again

If it were up to us, everyone would have a good hair day every day. Granted, we can’t all have our own personal glam squads following us around (and for most of us, such things don’t exist), but it’d be nice to walk out our front door every day feeling like we just stepped out of a hair commercial. Alas, we can’t have perfect hair all the time, but we can make sure one thing happens: Never having a bad hair day.

Because bad hair days are the worst, we’ve pulled together 25 tips to help you never have a bad one again. Read on below!

1. Plan ahead on days when you know you need to look especially presentable. Have an interview on Tuesday morning? Wash and style your hair the night before so that you’ll only need minimal touch-ups in the morning.

2. To tame flyaways, spray a toothbrush with hairspray then gently brush your hair into place. The light application of hairspray will give you hold without it being so stiff.

3. Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner combo. Much like your foundation, good hair starts at the beginning. If you use a quality shampoo and conditioner,  you’re giving yourself a head start.

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4. Learn how to do a sock bun. Even on your worst hair days, concealing your hair in a sock bun will give you a finished, classy look.

5. Carry dry shampoo with you wherever you go. Keep one in your purse, one in your bathroom, one at your desk and one more wherever you spend a ton of time. Dry shampoo is like an instant root lift and shower in one.

6. Keep up with your salon appointments. Trimming your dead ends on a regular basis will keep your look consistently refreshed, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your ends making the rest of your hair look bad.

7. Know your hair type. If you’ve got oily hair, the products you use should compliment that, not make it worse. The same goes for dry hair. Be sure you’re using the correct products for a dry scalp.

8. Always use a heat protectant. Forgetting to use it once is fine, but if you’re flat ironing your hair on a regular basis with no form of protection, your hair will become fried, leading to more bad hair days than good.

9. Utilize the cool setting on your blow dryer. While heat styles hair, cool air sets it. Spending 20 minutes blow drying your hair can go to complete waste if you don’t set the blowout with colder air.

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10. Consider taking biotin or fish oil supplements. Typically used when girls want their hair to grow, these supplements help bring strength and shine to your hair on a regular basis.

11. Never be without bobby pins. Some mornings when you leave your house your hair can look amazing, and then a rainstorm hits. To make sure you’re never without bobby pins, stash 10 or so in the coin purse of your wallet.

12. Know what kind of maintenance you can handle before you get a cut. Those long bobs that are everywhere now? They take some work if  your hair’s natural texture doesn’t work with the cut. The lowest maintenance hair is long, layered cuts. Short hair requires styling just about every day.

13. Find a headband that goes with everything. Whether you wear mostly black, brown, white or otherwise, find a simple, plain headband that can be used to jazz up your hair on a morning when you’ve got no time and a big hair problem.

14. Learn three hairstyles you can do in under five minutes. Whether it’s twisting hair back from each temple and securing into a bun, a fishtail braid or a sleek ponytail, having go to styles in your hair arsenal will cut down on stress when your tresses just won’t behave.

15. Go for deep conditioning. It doesn’t need to be at the salon, or even very frequent, but especially if you’re heat styling your hair, a deep conditioning treatment will help keep moisture in your strands, which will keep your hair looking healthy.

16. Use product before you style your hair. If you’re curling your hair, apply mousse first. If you’re straightening it, use a balm. For blowouts, use a spray. Applying a product before you style gives the end result a way longer chance of lasting, so you can either do your hair less frequently or just rest easy knowing your hair will make it through an entire day.

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17. Get yourself a good serum. If you’ve got fine hair or thick hair, look for serums specifically formulated for your type. Frizz, dryness and generally unruly hair can be tamed with serum.

18. Unless you absolutely need to, don’t wash your hair every day. Shampooing hair every day can dry out your strands and, if you’ve got color treated hair, fade your color much more quickly.

19. Get into a routine. For ladies who never have a set time to do their hair, it may always seem like a chore. But, if you know that you’ll always be doing your hair every other night of the week, you’ll be less likely to get lazy about it.

20. Research styling tools before you buy. There’s a world of difference between a good blow dryer and an awful one, and learning which is which before the purchase is key.

21. Make sure you’re going to a good hairdresser. If you’re wasting your money on a bad cut, you’ll also be wasting your time on trying to style it so that it looks good.

22. Try a DIY hair mask at home to put some shine and hydration into your strands. For a fraction of the cost of a salon, you can treat your tresses to some major TLC.

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23. Drink tons of water. Hydration starts at the inside out, and keeping your body hydrated will help your hair stay healthy.

24. Use a wide-tooth comb when hair is wet and a brush when hair is dry. Brushing wet hair causes major breakage, which can leave your hair looking dry and unhealthy.

25. Try texturizing spray. Textured hair (or dirty hair) is much easier to work with because it holds style better. On days when your hair needs to be put in a braid, bun or ponytail, the style will hold all day long if you use a spray first.