The UGG Guide to Halloween Costumes

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Some of our styles are just begging to be a part of certain costumes. You just look at them, and it’s like how could you not? Take the Yvett slipper. Topped with a fluffy pom, it screams Tinker Bell. And the 70’s vibes evoked by the Kassi and Cam II? You can’t help but play those up as Penny Lane from Almost Famous. Scroll and explore the possibilities.

Peter Pan

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If growing up means not dressing up for Halloween, then no thanks. Get away wearing slippers as Peter Pan in the Nikola and an all-green get up.

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Tinker Bell

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Coordinate with Peter Pan by going as Tinker Bell in the Yvett. This slipper couldn’t be more perfect unless we covered it in glitter.


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The golden tint to the Neumel Wheat is perfect for any bird costume, really. We just found this penguin option hilarious. Happy feet indeed.


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Guys, there’s no reason to be scared of wearing your Classic boots in public this Halloween, especially since you’ll be the one doing the scaring.

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Penny Lane

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The 70’s are in, so put all the retro pieces you already own (like your flares, denim skirts, and lace-up tops) together and take this trend to the level with our Kassi clogs and a shearling vest or coat.

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With distressed materials inspired by the classic bomber jackets, the Selwood Bomber lends itself perfectly to a pilot costume. All you need are some tan pants, a white tee, a leather jacket, and goggles. Top it off with a trapper hat that you can use for non-costume looks when winter hits.

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Ski Bunny

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If you don’t want to put in too much effort or you’re just worried about getting cold, pair a cozy boot like the Patten with gloves, a hat, and a scarf. Add some ski poles or goggles for a costume that is more chalet chic than basic.


Perfect Pairs: Boots and Tights

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  1. Balance the ruggedness of the Gradin with a pair of floral lace tights.
  2. Draw attention to your Paxton rain boots with this geometric pair.
  3. Elongate your stems with the sleek Amal and some rosy hosiery.
  4. Let your legs do the talking in the waterproof Cecile and these sheer tights.
  5. Rouge your knees with these polka dot tights and the Jayne.
  6. Get a sexy layered look with these fishnet stockings and the Keller Croco.

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Fall and Winter Hairstyles

Fall and winter aren’t easy on our manes. Between the wind, static, and rain, there are far too many bad hair days. In an effort to limit them, we brought in a professional to show us a few styles that even the most cosmetology-challenged will be able to do.

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First up, the everyday chignon. When done in an undone way, this elegant style won’t seem at odds with your denim and knits. It also pairs quite beautifully with earmuffs.

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Prep the hair with texturizing spray. (We like Bumble and bumble. Thickening Hairspray.) Tease from the apex of the head to the nape of the neck in 1” sections. Curl hair in 2” sections by wrapping it around the barrel of a curling iron. Split the hair into three sections: two on the side and one on the back. Roll hair from either side into place at the nape of the neck and secure with bobby pins. Wrap the third section up and over the two pinned sections. Have fun! It doesn’t need to be perfect. The more texture, the better.

Pin It > Shoelace Braid

Now don’t get scared. This shoelace braid looks a lot harder than it is. This eye-catching style will be perfect for date night, a Thanksgiving get-together, or the office holiday party.

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Prep the hair with a texturizing hairspray. Curl the hair in 1” sections by wrapping it around the iron to create beachy waves. Part the hair with a dramatic side part. Take a 2” section and divide at the top of the head. Tie the two pieces together as you would with any ribbon or lace and continue for the length of the hair. Spray each loop with hairspray as you finish. Secure with a bobby pin.

Pin It > Headband Updo

We love our headbands—all the warmth with none of the hat hair woes—but we wanted to find a better way to wear them than with our hair down or in a plain ponytail. Enter this voluminous, retro-inspired updo.

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Prep the hair with a texturizing spray. Tease at the crown in 1” sections. Pull hair into a high ponytail and secure with hair elastic. Wrap hair around the elastic to hide. Tease the remaining hair from the ponytail to create the look of a full, messy bun. Secure the ends with bobby pins, leaving a few pieces out for a tousled look. Finish with hairspray.